Science Fiction

Broken Glass BS

Broken Glass

Steg de Coeur, his family murdered to further an armed takeover of Homeworld by the House of Aluta...

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Fracture Lines

Fracture Lines

Steg de Coeur, severely wounded, is transported back in time to an Imperial hospital starship. He has lost his memory...

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Diamond Cut

Diamond Cut

Steg de Coeur, his friends, and the mercenary Ebony Company are collected by a superdreadnought sent by the Glass Complex...

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Glass Complex 3D Boxset

Glass Complex Box Set

Can you use photons for processing data? Can you store the results in glass storage units?...

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Shen Ark E-book

Shen Ark: Departure

Dr. Joseph Krowe, a young scientist in London, develops a mind-bending drug—a pharmacological-chemical-nanite [PCN] mix...

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A Hole in the Universe

a hole in the universe

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Amazon Review: The Glass Complex Trilogy


"This book, which has combined elements of both fantasy and sci-fi, was an enjoyable, action-packed romp. It sets itself apart by displaying archaic principles of honor and swordplay next to scenes of spaceships and advanced civilizations."
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