The Fain Gambit

Book Four: The Glass Complex

The Fain Gambit mockup1-1

How can you retire after defeating an alien invasion?

Peacetime is boring. Steg and his companions are trying to settle into retired life on Homeworld when he decides he has to visit his friends on Djii. His excuse—he wants to check the progress of the Xesset wreckage clearance project. As his space yacht, Dreamer, is about to transit a midpoint nexus, Wanderer meets them. Alke, Wanderer’s AI, has a need. Pirates, slavers, are attacking the Fain home planet and she wants to rescue both the planet and the Fain.

But all is not as it seems.

Steg de Coeur and his companions are again threatened, this time by a force far stronger than the Xesset.

Perhaps retirement was a far better idea.

The Fain Gambit is another adventure-filled book in The Glass Complex series that explores alien threats, military sci-fi with a light touch of fantasy—it’s space opera at its finest.

Due for release 2018.

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The Glass Complex Series