I, President

Book Four: Annihilation Series


This is the final book in the Annihilation series.

Toby can no longer control Darwin. Bronwyn, another SI, observes, while hiding her own ambitions. Toby is released by the DNI and is tasked with restraining Darwin.

Darwin takes advantage of the Supreme Court’s decision that he is ‘natural born’ and is a citizen of the United States. He enlists support of the massive numbers of bots now existing across the United States, and runs for president. The campaign is both vigorous and violent.

The electoral colleges are forced to reflect the results of the voters in each state.

The votes are counted.

The winner is announced.

For the moment, I’m keeping the ending secret.

(And yes, the title is a play on the famous Asimov book and subsequent movie: I, Robot.)


That question again –

AI: Demon or Friend, the Beginning or the End?


The Annihilation Series